Tattoo removal cream: does it really work?

Tattoos are drawn externally over different parts of the body for different reasons - to get their birth sign, put any name, or just feel different. Tattoos are meant to remain on the skin throughout life. They are created by making marks deep inside the skin, and because of this, tattoos are often very difficult to remove.

Trouble comes when a person doesn't want the tattoo to be engraved over the skin anymore. One such situation is that a person puts a lover's name on hand, and later breaks off with his or her lover. Any person in such situation would be looking for ways to get rid of his or her tattoo. For people who want to get their tattoo removed have two options: Laser treatment or tattoo removal creams. Laser treatment is an effective option, but it is painful and expensive; in contrast, creams are more affordable and yield good results.

Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

Topical tattoo removal products are less popular than laser treatment as many people believe that they do not produce adequate results. But it is not like that. Topical tattoo removal creams work for people depending upon the type of tattoo they have on their body.

Tattoo removal creams come in three bottles, each having its significance in the tattoo removal procedure. One cream will "break up" the skin, so that other creams can penetrate the skin. The second cream makes the skin scab off, but the scabs have ink present in them. The third cream takes out the remaining ink. Light tattoos are removed best with tattoo removal creams, and they also prove effective in removing colourful tattoos with light colors like orange and yellow. Solid black colored tattoos are difficult to remove, and the cream may fail or take a very long time to remove the black tattoos. To summarize, the deeper and darker a tattoo is, the more difficult it is to be removed.

Any person who wants to have the tattoo removed should try the tattoo removal cream. If it works, it will save them from using expensive and painful laser treatment. If it doesn't, the person can opt for laser removal later.

Some people are unsure for topical cream, and go to dermatologists to get their questions answered. But they need to be aware as they are told about the "inefficiency" of such creams as they want people to sign up for expensive laser treatments.

Tattoo removal cream will have different effect on different people, and the only way to find it out is to use it, especially that it is much cheaper than laser treatment. One drawback is that the results of removal creams are not instant, and it takes a lot of time - about 6-7 months to get the tattoos removed, and their effectiveness depends upon their regular and diligent use. Two such creams are TatBGone and Tattoo-OFF; a six month TatBGone supply may cost about $270, which claims to remove the tattoo within 3-9 months.

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