Permanent Hair Removal at Home: Best tips and techniques

There are three main methods that will help you achieve permanent hair removal in your home. Here we will explain them briefly.

1. Bleach Method:

This method is ideal to lighten the hairs that aren't completely black. Choose bleach that that is meant to be used on the sensitive skin of the face to avoid irritation. Bleach treatment lasts for about 2 weeks of application.

a. Choose type of bleach: Choose a cream that suits your skin type (oily, dry etc.)
b. Apply a small amount to a sensitive area such as inner wrist, and wash away after some time. If there are no reactions, such as skin being itchy or getting red, it can be safely applied to the other lip or other areas of face.
c. Wash the face well with soap and water.
d. Apply the bleaching cream to the upper lip area using the applicator supplied. Don't let the cream touch the delicate skin of the nostrils.
e. Wait for the time in instruction slip (usually within 10 minutes), and then wipe a small area using a cotton ball to test. If it worked correctly, wipe away the cream if it didn't wait for some more time.
f. Rinse the skin: Wash the skin well, so that no cream is left on the skin.

2. Waxing Method

Waxing is done at home using a kit that can be purchased from any drug store. It uses either spreadable wax and strips or pre-waxed strips. Remember that the hair must be of at least 3-4mm for waxing to be possible, because the hair must be long enough for the wax to fix on them.
a. Have a hot shower or wash your face in warm water or steam your face. Warming the skin opens up the pores well, and the hair will be easier to remove.
b. Heat up the wax. Most waxes need to be warmed up before usage (wax strips may not be needed to be heated). Check the instructions.
c. Using the provided applicator with the kit, spread the wax over the upper lip, but avoid the delicate skin of lips.
d. Apply the strip over the waxed region avoiding air pockets and folds.
e. Wait for the recommended for the wax to set.
f. Rip off the strip quickly in one go. It will take the wax away along with the hair. Do not rip it off slowly or in parts.
g. Rinse the skin well to wash off any residue.

3. Depilatory Cream Method

Depilatory creams remove the hair painlessly, from the root. Select a cream meant especially for the delicate skin of the face, as there are harsh chemicals involved.
a. Apply a small amount to a sensitive area such as inner wrist to test for any allergy or reaction (like in the bleaching process). It can then be applied to face. Wash off the cream well.
b. Apply the cream over the desired region.
c. Wait for the time given in instructions.
d. Wipe the cream with cotton pads or paper towel.
e. If hair is left out, pluck them out using tweezers.
f. Rinse your face well, wipe dry, and apply any gentle cream

4. Epilator Method

It can be manual or battery operated. They are made in such a way to pull out the hair.

a. Manual ones:
i. Stick: Looks somewhat like Johnson's buds, it removes the hair by bending the stick into an inverted 'U' then putting in back in original shape.
ii. Threading: A thin cotton or polyester thread is doubled, and twisted on the fingers. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level.

b. Battery operated: Easy to use, just turn it on and move it over the skin. The hair gets plucked out from the root.

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