Laser Stretch Mark Removal: myths and realities

Lasers are used for many purposes, and it finds one such use in removing stretch marks. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks, reduce their redness, making it more beautiful and uniform in color.

No one wants stretch marks, as they give an "inconsistent" look on the skin.

Laser stretch mark removal approved by FDA, fast and easy way to clear the stretch lines to give you back the natural-looking skin.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear whenever the skin has been stretched too fast or too fast. Technically, they appear with the tearing of the dermis which results from the rapid stretching of the skin during periods of rapid growth. In this condition, the normal expansion of the skin is not able to keep pace with its rate of growth and consequently tear occurs within the dermis. These unsightly lines may appear during puberty, quick weight gain, pregnancy.

Stretch marks are normal, but that does not mean that a person has to live with them.

Removing stretch mark with lasers

Laser stretch mark removal is a popular treatment for men and women. It works by using shooting pulses of micro-fine laser light that reaches deep into the sub-layers of the skin. This process affects the cells and tissues of the stretch marks. With time, the body's natural healing process rebuilds the older, damaged tissue with fresh, new collagen and elastin, which construct the smooth skin. The new collagen smoothens over the stretch mark texture and also normalizes the skin color.

It usually takes less than an hour of treatment, depending on the size of the treatment area.

Benefits of laser stretch mark removal

• The treatment does not require any surgery (non-invasive) with virtually no recovery time; the person can resume to his or her normal activities immediately after treatment.
• Clear improvement in skin texture and color, from the first 30 minute of treatment.
• The only laser treatment approved by the FDA for the treatment of scars and stretch marks
• Improvement in the person's confidence due to reduced appearance of scar or stretch marks

Does it hurt?

It does hurt a little, but it is tolerable by most people.

Side effects of Laser stretch mark removal

Temporary side effects of stretch mark treatment include temporary redness, swelling and itching at the treatment site. It usually typically gets cleared naturally within a few days.

Other side effects include prolonged redness, bruising, blistering, darkening or lightening of skin color, scarring, and lightening or removal of freckles. Rarely, there is risk of infection.

Recovery time

In most cases, people can resume to their regular activities straightaway after the treatment session.

Cost of laser stretch mark removal

Laser treatments for stretch mark removal are expensive. Three to six sessions are required, each of which is priced around $450 or more.

1. Pulsed dye laser (aka vascular laser) This method is used to treat fresh stretch marks. Vascular laser treatment is not effective for women with dark skin. It is similar to laser hair removal, but process works best when there's a large color difference between the skin pigment color and stretch mark color.

2. Fractional laser treatment (aka laser resurfacing) For older stretch marks lose their redness, but still remain indented, consider fractional laser treatment (aka laser resurfacing). It uses fractional" laser technique which focuses on small areas and aims at the edges of the stretch marks smoothening the surface of the skin.

Fractional laser treatment is costlier. It may require up to three fractional laser treatment sittings; treatment could cost around $1000 for each sitting.

Side effects fractional laser treatment includes hyperpigmentation and scarring.

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