Keloid Removal: the best treatments and tips to do it at home

Keloids are the scars keep growing even after the skin has healed. Keloids have irregularly shape and has tendency to enlarge progressively. They are usually pink or purple in color, rise above the rest of the skin, have a smooth top, itchy, painful and sensitive to touch.

Common treatment methods include:

1. Aloe vera gel. Use this if the scar is not very old; apply at least twice a day. Try with Aloe Vera gel or fresh aloe.

2. Use lemon juice. This is a natural scar treatment that lightens the top layer of skin cells, with no side effects. It will make the scar less noticeable. For effective results, simply rub a few drops of fresh lemon juice over the scar twice a day.

3. Use onion extract. Onion is a natural substance that is often used in some over-the-counter scar treatment products. Onion is known to reduce scar formation, and hence, it may prove beneficial for treating keloids. The best thing is that it can be made at home; simply extract the onion juice and use a cotton ball to apply it over the keloids a few times a day.

4. Vitamin E. It helps to reduce the appearance of scars by encouraging healthy skin growth from "inside". Purchase a cream with vitamin E, or alternatively, buy vitamin E capsules containing oil that can be rubbed over the keloids.

Medical treatment for keloids

1. Over-the-counter scar removal ointment. You can get this from drugstores that sell ointments, creams and gels formulated to reduce the appearance of scars. Often, such products contain steroids that reduce itching. It may take a long time, up to several months, for the treatment to come in effect. Products that contain onion (skin) extract, may also be beneficial.

2. Cortisone injections. It may help to reduce scars which appear above the surface of the skin. They are usually administered once a month. Although cortisone injections may help to flatten the keloids, but they won't necessarily help to get back the normal skin color.

While steroid injections may help flatten keloids, they don't help the scars change back to your normal skin color. Moreover, they won't permanently remove keloids, just temporarily suppress them.

3. Laser treatments. Pulsed-dye laser may be effective to flatten the keloids and reduce their reddish appearance. Treatment is not much painful and safe, but is costly and several sessions are needed.

4. Silicone sheets. You need to wear a sheet containing silicone gel over the affected area several hours a day, for weeks or months.

5. Surgical removal. Plastic surgery can be done by the doctor or cosmetic surgeon to smoothen the skin and make it more uniform in color.

Best Keloid Removal Treatments:

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