Back Hair Removal: The best tips and tricks

Many men with back hair are often troubled with their hairy back look, especially when they have to unbutton their shirts. However, with some simple techniques discussed here, such men can have a smoother back without hair.

Back shaver

A back shaver is a razor that has a long handle that enables it to reach the back. They come in both, standard and electric versions. A back shaver to remove the unwanted back hair can be used by you without the use of any other person.

- Prepare your back: Wet your back, and apply shaving cream if using standard one, or clean and dry your back if using the electric version.
- Workspace: Have a large mirror with face away from it. Hold the shaver with one hand, and with the other hand, hold a smaller mirror in front of you so that you can see you back reflection of the large mirror. Alternatively, if available, stand in between two large facing mirrors.
- Shave your upper back. Extend the shaver arm to its maximum length. Bending the elbow, lift your arm up over head, and shave the hair on your back watching your back reflection in the handheld mirror. Some razors can be bent to enable easy shaving in the lower back region.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream keeps hair away for a longer time, compared to shaving.

- Apply hair removal cream using your hands or any brush with long handle. This can also be applied by some other person on your back.
- Distribute the cream evenly on the back (don't rub on the skin) ensuring that the hair is covered.
- Wash your hands well after application of cream.
- Keep the cream on the skin for the duration as written on the product instructions. Then wipe a small area using a damp cloth or towel. If the hair doesn't clean out easily, wait for a few more minutes.
- Finally, after removing the cream with damp cloth or towel, rinse off well with warm water in the shower.


You would need the help of another person with this. This gives the best result, put also comes with pain.

- Purchase a wax kit from the store. Prefer the hot waxing kit, as it covers a more area.
- Wash your back well with soap and water, and dry well.
- Trim down the longer hair using scissors, but keep them about a quarter inch long so that they are held by the wax.
- Prepare the wax according to instructions, and have someone (any assistant) apply it on a small area on your back in the direction of growth.
- Place a fabric strip over the wax applied, and leave it on for a minute.
- Remove the strip opposite to the direction of hair growth.
- Repeat the process to remove hair from the entire back.
- Finally, wash the back with an antibacterial soap to reduce chances of infection.


Using a normal razor used to shave the face, take the help of any assistant to shave the back. Any standard or electric razor can be used for the purpose.

Laser hair removal

To get rid of the back hair permanently, laser hair removal technique can be used. It is done with the help of a qualified cosmetic surgeon or doctor and requires a few visits. The process uses laser beam to burn the hair follicles so that the hair never comes out again. Before going for the procedure, enquire well about it from the doctor to know of all the risks or complications associated with this process.

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